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8890 Flums, Contact agency for the address
    CHF 1'250'000.-
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    Yield guaranteed in Flums, apartment building with 3 apartments, commercial share, ba ...

    Return property: The three-family house with an integrated commercial space on the ground floor (pizza courier) is located directly on the cantonal road to Flumserberg on the upper edge of the village in the core zone. Schools, shopping, bus, etc. are within a short distance.

    The building was built in 1875, is in good structural condition and was completely renovated and expanded in 1995 for 870,000.00. In addition, the commercial space was generously renovated in 2012.

    Overview of data:
    Parcel No. 74, Bergstrasse 16, 8890 Flums.
    581 m² building area and surrounding area.
    Three-family house with commercial premises including:
    Ground floor: pizza courier on the ground floor
    Floor 1: 4 room rental apartment
    Floor 2: 4 room rental apartment
    Floor 3: 3.5 room rental apartment (top floor)
    On the property, behind the apartment building, there is a wood shed and 9 parking spaces.

    The construction project options would have to be updated in detail ... it is clear that plot 74 is located in the core zone Dorf 1 (K-A1) in area B. According to Art. 11 of the core zone regulations, areas B include the buildings that are important for the townscape . The area of the existing building may be built over on plot No. 74; We reserve the right to object if the floor space is exceeded. It has a promising future that the building zone planning on the cantonal / community side will be revised in the next few years and will probably allow "room for new ideas"?

    If you have a specific interest and a "statement on your financing options" or a corresponding proof of capital, we can gladly offer you an inspection and the provision of further documents (extract from the land register, GV ID) for the final clarification of the financing.

    About this residential building to buy

    • Residential building
    • 8890 Flums
    • Number of levels : 3
    • 581 m2 (surface areas)
    • Built in 1875
    • Available on request
    • Reference 119841002-25

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