Apartment 3 rooms

1018 Lausanne, Contact agency for the address
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Beautiful modern 3.5 room apartment in Lausanne

This new construction scheduled for spring 2022 is composed of 13 lots offering you the advantages of the city, while enjoying a living environment close to the Bois de Sauvabelin. But where does this poetic-sounding name come from?

Each of the apartments offers a clear view of the forest or of Lausanne with Lake Leman in the background, thanks to its particular shape. Indeed, by these 5 faces, the building seems carved in stone. This mineral form and its white coating gives it a beautiful luminosity similar to that of crystal.

An ideal district to reconcile nature and city, thanks to its proximity to the wood of Sauvabelin. The wood is located between 528 m of altitude at the foot of the hill of the city up to 640 m of altitude between the districts of Lausanne. From its signal, you can enjoy an unstoppable view of the whole city. Legend has it that the name of Sauvabelin comes from the Latin Sylva Bellini, literally "forest of Belinus, solar god of the Gauls" Belenus ". It represents harmony and beauty in all its forms. He is young and beautiful, and brings about spiritual enlightenment. He is often depicted on a chariot surrounded by rays of light. Its other name is "Belenos", meaning light, sun, health.

Indoor parking space in addition to the sale price of 37,000 CHF / unit

Complete file, please contact Mr. Kevin Hel

About this apartment to buy

  • Apartment
  • 1018 Lausanne
  • 3 rooms
  • 1st floor
  • Available from may 2022
  • Reference 7SX5Z


  • Balcony

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