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Gruyères is located in Fribourg canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 1 house to buy in Gruyères. All properties to buy are proposed by agencies of this area.

Gruyères, town and commune of the Swiss people spread over 2,800 hectares in the district of the same name. The region is forested on 50% of the territory, the other half is dedicated to agricultural and habitable areas. Gruyères is 33 km from Friborg and marks the entrance to the Intyamon valley. It borders a dozen villages and hamlets. Its remarkable position, on a rocky outcrop overlooking a large valley, offers a unique setting with a pure and beneficial air, so coveted. The Gruyère heritage is remarkable for its churches, chapels, castles, museums ... Since 2016, Gruyères is part of the association "Les Plus Beaux Villages de Suisse". But it is undoubtedly the local gastronomy that makes Gruyères a destination recognized throughout the world, with its famous double creams, chalet soups, vacherin fondues, and the incontestable Cheese of Gruyères! If the city of Victor Tissot and the cheese super hungry popular moves you, it is not for nothing! Immobilier.ch opens the doors of a sumptuous place where it is good to live.
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