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Buy a house in the city of Neirivue

Neirivue is located in Fribourg canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 2 houses to buy in Neirivue. All properties to buy are proposed by agencies of this area.

Located in the canton of Friborg in the district of Gruyère, the Swiss commune of Haut-Intyamon is the result of a municipal merger, in 2012, of Albeuve, Lessoc, Montbovon and Neirivue. During the federation of the communes, the names Albeuve and Haut-Intyamon were discussed, and the latter was favored by the population. The commune of Haut-Intyamon is lined on 60 km² along an eponymous valley, climbing the slopes of the Friborg Alps up to 1289m altitude. It consists mainly of coniferous forests, and is crossed from north to south by the currents of the Sarine and then that of the Hongrin. The 1500 inhabitants are dotted on its four main municipalities. They are mainly French-speaking although the German and Spanish languages ??are spoken. The demography of Upper Intyamon has increased significantly throughout the 20th century, particularly following a strong migration. Like its neighbors, Haut-Intyamon draws its resources from livestock and dairy industry to produce the famous Gruyère cheese. Do you want to live in this city? immobilier.ch helps you find the apartment that best meets your needs.
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