The philosophy of our City Guides

2 may 2017 - We want to give you a much broader real estate search experience. We need you to draw the contours, the valleys, the mountains and the colours of the world around us.

The philosophy of our City Guides

Our guides are like so many little skylights open to a multi-faceted world in a constant state of change.

Changing one’s home, even if it is to remain in the town we know, is much like opening a new book. There are new pages to write, new acquaintances to make and new daily habits to adopt that will change and add a further touch of colour to our life.

We know only too well that a search for real estate is sometimes and even often complicated. You will probably go through times of difficulty or disappointment and maybe moments of great delight.

Life is full of surprises and the keys to happiness are not only to be found in lofts with unbroken views. Everywhere, be it in the countryside or the concrete of our towns, we can build relationships that give meaning to our life. Every neighbourhood has its secret treasures. Even in the most uninspiring of areas one can find strong affectionate or original personalities, and little shops that will surely find their place in the pages of the new book you are about to write.

Our aim is to share with you some unique ways of looking at things through the real-life experiences of people who live either here or there, be they recent arrivals or long-time residents and who want to share their knowledge and their favourite haunts.

Who better than yourself to take us around and discover your town or neighbourhood?

Each one of us has a different way of looking at a place and we often react accordingly. So we would like to paint a variety of canvasses to give everyone a picture of what life could be like in that place.

Your contribution will be invaluable for us to draft true and multifaceted guides to rich and colourful places where everyone will feel at home, dream and look ahead.

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