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Rent a apartment or a house in the city of Glis

Glis is located in Valais canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 0 apartment or house to rent in Glis. All properties to rent are proposed by agencies of this area.

Brig-Glis originated in the regrouping of the communes of Brig and Glis in 1972, which is now the chief town of the district of Brig. It is situated at the foot of the northern slope of the Simplon Pass, on the right bank of the Saltina, which itself flows into the Rhone at the level of Brig, the main village of the commune. In 2008, it obtained the title of Alpine city of the year. This prize rewards the efforts of the city for the implementation of the Alpine Convention on Nature Conservation and the Sustainable Development Policy of the Alps. Brig-Glis has three national heritage sites on its territory: Stockalper Castle, Maria Himmelfahrt Church and Gamsenmauer. The old town of Brig is part of the inventory of Swiss heritage sites. Newcomer to Brig, real estate.ch makes your installation easier by finding you the right apartment for your requirements.