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Rent a apartment or a house in the city of Ried-Brig

Ried-Brig is located in Valais canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 0 apartment or house to rent in Ried-Brig. All properties to rent are proposed by agencies of this area.

The commune of Ried-Brig formerly called Ried Bei Brig, is part of the district of Brig. Its territory occupies an area of ??4750 ha of which 30.7% is occupied by forests, and has 43 mountain pastures. It also consists of a few hamlets which in turn form the village of Ried-Brig. Its history is marked by the first flight over the Alps realized by the Swiss airman Geo Chavez in 1910. Formerly, slate was extracted from his career for the manufacture of tiles. This operation was part of the flagship of the city industry at the time. Since the 1970s, a reconversion has taken place. Ried-Brig has gone from agricultural suburb to residential community. Ried-Brig is home to historic buildings such as its parish church of the Sacred Heart built in the 19th century, with four bells. The Pont de la Poya, built in the place of the famous bridge of Ganter built in the 80s, which at the time was already an architectural marvel, impresses by its scale. Build your own business in Ried-Brig by using our listings.