Rent a apartment in the city of Cournillens

Cournillens is located in Fribourg canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 4 apartments to rent in Cournillens. All properties to rent are proposed by agencies of this area.

The commune of Misery-Courtion (district of the Lake), located at 700 meters of altitude, is a region with green hills and where moraines draw on the ground unusual forms. The villages of Cormérod, Cournillens, Courtion and Misery came together to give birth to Misery-Courtion. They have nevertheless retained all their specificities and their more or less agricultural and residential features. The parish of Courtion is one of the oldest of the canton and even of the diocese, dating from the beginning of the 13th century. The inhabitants of Misery-Courtion strive to diversify cultural and sporting activities, and are also very concerned about their quality of life, organizing garbage collection. The municipality has its own water treatment plant, in addition to running water requiring no treatment. Misery-Courtion and the Lake District are a summary of all the good things in the country. Immobilier.ch takes you to a miniature Switzerland and finds you the right flat for you.
The condition of the real estate market in the city of Cournillens :