Rent a apartment in the city of Marsens

Marsens is located in Fribourg canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 10 apartments to rent in Marsens. All properties to rent are proposed by agencies of this area.

Marsens, a municipality of the Friborg Region in Switzerland, was named after the god Mars, as the archaeological excavations in the 1970s found a Gallo-Roman temple dedicated to Mars, near a motorway under construction. Besides these unusual vestiges of another era, a rich history from the Middle Ages to the Victorian era gives Marsens a fertile dimension to knowledge. Numerous archaeological finds are to be experimented including tombs, fibula, pottery, ruins of historical sites, as well as the temple of Mars. The economy of Marsens was forged mainly through the raising of livestock and the dairy, as well as by agriculture. Other highlights of the region are its cantonal psychiatric hospital, its former sanatorium, which has been converted into a renowned medical center, and the Bellevue Foundation welcomes disabled people. Marsens, north-west of Gruyère, is a hilly region where all the nuances of green are found. The relaxing atmosphere of the countryside is a glaring example. Immobilier.ch takes you to a region where life takes place in all quietude to find you a beautiful apartment.
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