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Rent a apartment in the city of Salvenach

Salvenach is located in Fribourg canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 1 apartment to rent in Salvenach. All properties to rent are proposed by agencies of this area.

Morat, or Murten in German, located 25km from Berne on the German-French border, is the chief town of the district of Lake Murten. A small medieval town at the foot of the Jura, it lies on the south-eastern shore of the lake of the same name and owes its development to the Duke Herzog Berchtold IV of Zähringen. Historically, it was the origin of the canton of Friborg in the 15th century and its integration into the Swiss confederation. The 6638 inhabitants of Morat have the distinction of using both French and German. Strict building regulations have been put in place to preserve heritage and buildings so that the city retains its original appearance. The surrounding ramparts are among the main tourist attractions. Excursions or cruises on the three lakes of Murten, Neuchâtel and Bienne are also offered. Every year, Murten welcomes various sporting events such as the Slow Up and the crossing of the lake, as well as cultural events such as the Murtenclassic classical music festival. If you have decided to acquire a pied-à-terre in Morat, immobilier.ch offers you its skills to meet all your needs.
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