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Rent in the city of Fully

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Rent a apartment in the city of Fully

Fully is located in Valais canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 25 apartments to rent in Fully. All properties to rent are proposed by agencies of this area.

Fully consists of seven villages of plain and eight hamlets of medium mountain. Nestled at 460 meters above sea level, the town extends on the right bank of the Rhone at the foot of the Chavalard mountain. It is part of the district of Martigny. Fully is famous for its chestnut forest, the emblematic fruit of the commune. A didactic trail runs through it, while various events are organized like the Chestnut Festival or the Brisolée. It receives part of its territory the natural reserve of Follatères. Its lower and upper lakes are renowned for fly fishing. The association Fully Grand Cru organizes every two years a demonstration to highlight the local specialty, the Petite Arvine. La Belle Usine, a hydroelectric plant, after having undergone some transformations, also hosts cultural events. Sporting events are marked by major events such as the Fully-Sorniot and the Vertical Kilometer. Several other activities and sites await visitors to Fully, such as the hamlet of Branson which is part of the inventory of Swiss heritage sites. Future tenant in Fully, find the pearl on real estate.ch.
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