Rent in the city of Vollèges

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Rent a apartment in the city of Vollèges

Vollèges is located in Valais canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 0 apartment to rent in Vollèges. All properties to rent are proposed by agencies of this area.

Vollèges is located on the right bank of the Dranse and consists of several villages: Vollèges, capital of the commune, Cries, Etiez, Levron, Chemin-Dessus, and Vens. Vollèges has mainly a tourist vocation. Some of its localities such as Vens where calm is king, have kept their authenticity with their traditional houses. Walks and walks are organized to discover the different vollege landscapes: cliffs, passes, the torrent of Merdenson, the old mines etc. Because of its location, Le Levron offers a panoramic view of the Massif des Combins, the valleys of Bagnes, Entremont and Ferret. The famous Mont-Chemin mining trail leads to the discovery of its mineral wealth with about 150 listed species, as well as its exceptional fauna and flora. The association Curieux de nature is in charge of its management and promotion. A small tour to the parish church of Saint-Martin, overhung by a bell tower decorated with a stone spire, is also essential. New in Vollèges? Immobilier.ch will help you find your future home.