Bussigny, route de la Chaux 4
  • 300 m2
Rent m2/year CHF 247.- Rent monthly : CHF 6'175.-
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QoQa is looking for Qolocs

What are you talking about?

QoQa will inaugurate the HQ in October 2021: a project located in Bussigny, close to the station and next to the forest of Venoge, which combines creativity, innovation and exchange of skills. A place where common spaces will be legion to encourage maximum exchange and to rationalize the use of space. The good news is that companies that join the adventure will enjoy a host of benefits with on-demand conference rooms, low-cost catering, shared kitchens for friendly moments, shared parking, and many animations, all managed through the application of the HQ ... There will even be a fitness and a health house on the site. And spaces will be delivered semi-furnished!

But why create a place like this?

Already because the den of QoQa has become too small for its 100 employees! But instead of looking for long years the ideal place, it soon became much easier to create a new place, true to the philosophy of the most surprising box in Switzerland. Now QoQa is looking for Qolocataires, companies who want to participate in the life of this place and imagine how to work tomorrow.

Ok, you interest me. What are the proposed spaces?

Already more than half of the space is rented, but there are office space available ranging from 150 to more than 1'000 m2. Details and rental prices for each area can be found on the website!

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