Single house 8 rooms

Chêne-Bourg, Chemin du Printemps 3
  • 192 m2
  • 5
  • 3
  • 8
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New Promotion in Chêne-Bourg - Les Résidences du Printemps

Three residences with unique volumes are created in Chêne-Bourg

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Number of villas:

3 villas - From CHF 2'900'000.-

Land area:

from 683 to 734 m2 depending on the villa


Chêne-Bourg, chemin du Printemps 3

Specificities :

Double height living room? 3 levels - 3 bedrooms (2 additional if needed)

Independent basement? Ideal family


Quality achievement? Architecture signed? Brightness and view of the Salève

Living in a villa with signature architecture, with a view of the mountains and without leaving Geneva is a rarity that has now become reality.

When we talk about new villas today, we often have conventional and formatted products in mind. “Les Résidences du Printemps” are a real alternative to this trend, with their volumes so intelligently designed and their rooms so naturally interconnected that they seem open to the light at any time of the day.

A haven away from the seen and the reviewed, for all those who put the search for a unique style at the top of their priorities, these three villas are the result of a very thorough reflection on the ergonomics of habitat.

In each residence, special emphasis is given to verticality. Are the three levels fluidly connected at the same time? the double-height living room connecting the ground floor and the first floor, the basement also being accessible via the garden ?, while allowing each inhabitant to carry out their activities independently.

At a time when it is so important to feel good at home, “Les Résidences du Printemps” offer everything you need to live well in a compact volume, sculpted with remarkable care for proportions. Ode to minimalism, the space is designed to awaken all the senses. Calm your gaze at the sight of the Salève, recharge your batteries in the greenery of the garden or find yourself in the calm of the interior rooms.

It is anything but common to enjoy such tranquility and beauty knowing that old Chêne-Bourg and its cafes are right next door and that, from there, a dense network of public transport allows you to go where you want.

Can we only be tempted?

What if your dreams come true?

Edgar Tserkezoglou

About this single house to buy

  • Single house
  • Chemin du Printemps 3
    1225 Chêne-Bourg
    Map positionMap position
  • 8 rooms
  • Number of levels : 3
  • 192 m2 (living space)
  • 1500 m3
  • 683 m2 (surface areas)
  • 333 m2 (usable areas)
  • Built in 2021
  • Available on request
  • Reference PRINTEMPS


  • New building

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