Buy a house in the city of Dardagny

Dardagny is located in Geneva canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 4 houses to buy in Dardagny. All properties to buy are proposed by agencies of this area.

Dardagny is a typical Swiss municipality, where the stone of local buildings inspires an exciting story. Indeed, since the Neolithic, traces of a very dynamic past are still present, also passing through the Roman era, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The architecture of the buildings is therefore strongly marked by these periods. The castle and church of Dardagny, the overall aspect of the village and the old roads, centuries-old mills, testify to this rich past, but also bring a pleasant cliché to the landscape. Dardagny is modernizing yet, and new residential neighborhoods can be seen pushing to the outskirts of the city, attracting newcomers in search of tranquility and clean air. The municipality holds and preserves for a long time a wine industry, after having passed through the breeding, the cheese dairy or the watchmaking. It is known that three quarters of Dardagnottes are commuters, working either artisanally or in neighboring towns where the industry persists. immobilier.ch proposes to you a selection of beautiful apartments in Dardagny, little known by the rest of the world but very pleasant to live.
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