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Buy a house in the city of Vandoeuvres

Vandoeuvres is located in Geneva canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 26 houses to buy in Vandoeuvres. All properties to buy are proposed by agencies of this area.

Vandoeuvres is a small suburb spread out over 441 ha and composed by the towns of Chougny, Crêts and Pressy. It is essentially a residential area with 2542 individuals. According to the custom it is said that each inhabitant corresponds an oak. Thus, Chougny is home to the largest number of hundred-year-old oak trees throughout the country, which are a symbol of the municipality. In Vandoeuvres, La Chandoleine houses the premises of the Fondation Hardt which is devoted to the study of classical antiquity. With an immense library containing thousands of works, scholars and researchers from all walks of life come to research. For entertainment, the Vandoeuvian population has various attractions such as golf, tennis or an equestrian center. A visit to the Park of the town hall and its famous alley of yew trees or a walk through its historic paths are essential during your passage on the spot. Tuesday's weekly market on the Place de Vandoeuvres remains the inevitable rendezvous of its inhabitants. Life in Vandoeuvres attracts you? immobilier.ch offers you the possibility to choose among the most beautiful selection of apartments in this village.
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