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Arzier-Le Muids is located in Vaud canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 14 houses to buy in Arzier-Le Muids. All properties to buy are proposed by agencies of this area.

Arzier-Le Muids, with an area of ??5,191 ha, is the most extensive municipality of the district of Nyon. It consists of two villages, Arzier and Le Muids, as well as two hamlets, Le Montant and La Chèvrerie. Its remains include the oldest charterhouse in Switzerland, classified as a Swiss cultural heritage of national importance: the Chartreuse Notre-Dame d'Oujon. Its forest, which is part of the regional nature park Jura Vaudois, occupies almost three-quarters of its territory. With this particular geographical feature, the local authorities set themselves the objective of valorising and developing the wood industry. Various sporting activities are available to its 2,571 inhabitants, as well as to visitors: badminton, shooting, gymnastics and sliding sports. The local company Sportacus 1273 has been set up to offer various different sporting learning. Every year there is an exhibition sale called the Marché artisanal d'Arzier, the profits of which are donated to the caisses in the region. immobilier.ch offers you the most beautiful accomodations of Arzier-Le Muids.
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