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Rent in the city of Carouge

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Rent a apartment or a house in the city of Carouge

Carouge is located in Geneva canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 55 apartments or houses to rent in Carouge. All properties to rent are proposed by agencies of this area.

Swiss commune of 21'741 inhabitants, Carouge is crossed by the Arve, and is composed of the towns of Acacias and Pinchat. It is located not far from Geneva. Carouge has retained a Mediterranean charm vestige of its former occupation by the Kingdom of Sardinia. These traces are visible everywhere through the architecture of the old neoclassical buildings, very well preserved, especially in the neighborhood of the "Old Carouge". In summer, regulars like to meet on the terraces of the bistros to sip a glass of local wine while enjoying the scenery. Carouge was also the first city in Switzerland to have a tram linking it to Place-Neuve. Due to its status as a historic city, communal archives are classified as Swiss cultural property of national importance. The city of Carouge is also involved in the Praille Acacias Vernets project (PAV) given its economic potential. The 25 ha nestled in the middle of the city, in Grosselin, will become a corner where an industrial zone and a residential zone will co-exist. The best rental plans in Carouge, where history and development go hand in hand, are at real.ch.
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