Rent a apartment in the city of Confignon

Confignon is located in Geneva canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 4 apartments to rent in Confignon. All properties to rent are proposed by agencies of this area.

Confignon is a commune in the Geneve region spread over 277 ha and has 4535 inhabitants. Composed of the town of Cressy, it is also crossed by the Aire. The city contains an archaeological treasure dating from the Roman period, discovered in 1884, and baptized necropolis of Boules. Moreover, fragments of pottery continue to be discovered even today. Apart from this particularity, in 2010 the municipality adopted the concept of sound benches entitled "Voyage en zig zag". For example, schools have been set up in different places, and texts, poems or simple stories are disseminated. The walker can then enjoy the scenery while listening to these narratives. The elected officials rely heavily on the city's energy policy. In 2006, to celebrate their efforts, Confignon was awarded the Cité de l'énergie label, while in 2014, the year of the consecration, she was awarded the European label GOLD of the Cité de l'énergie program. Would you like to enjoy the wonders of Confignon from the inside? immobilier.ch offers you the best accommodation in the city.
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