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Thônex is located in Geneva canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 8 apartments to rent in Thônex. All properties to rent are proposed by agencies of this area.

Thônex is a commune of the canton of Geneva adjacent to the French Haute-Savoie. This commune is spread over nearly 4 km2, and is surrounded by Foron, Seymaz and Arve. Before 1869, Chêne-Bourg and Thônex formed a single commune. Following the disagreements, the separation was formalized and thus Thônex was born. Its old buildings such as its Romanesque church and its cure are the privileged witnesses of its turbulent past. In addition, a two-meter erratic granite block, baptized the Pierre-à-Bochet and discovered in 1968, is the main vestige of its Celtic period. Two national and international companies, Caran d'Ache and Rolex, have their headquarters in Thônex. Although the city was originally primarily agricultural, the service sector is now the largest source of employment. Thônex offers its 14'140 residents playgrounds, parks, walking trails to the banks of the Foron or the Seymaz, while enjoying the great air and beautiful scenery. Immobilier.ch offers apartments of all types in Thônex, the city where it is good to live!
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