Rent a apartment in the city of St-Cergue

St-Cergue is located in Vaud canton. Immobilier.ch proposes you 8 apartments to rent in St-Cergue. All properties to rent are proposed by agencies of this area.

Saint-Cergue is a municipality in the Swiss Alps, nestled at an altitude of 1'048 meters above sea level in the Haut Jura Vaudois. Saint-Cergue offers many diversions throughout the year. Its various ski slopes including the Givrine pass and the slopes of the Dôle, are suitable for skiing, snowboarding or sledding. The more adventurous also have the possibility of skiing at night. Professional guides escort snowshoeing or dog sledding. In summer, hikes are organized, especially through the trail called Ballade in Béatrix. By bike or on foot, a breathtaking panorama is offered to the eyes of the visitors. Saint-Cergue is part of the Jura Vaudois Regional Natural Park. Every year the city is crossed by the 2nd stage of the international cycling event for juniors, Tour of the Pays de Vaud. The municipality is served by the A1 motorway and the Nyon-Saint-Cergue-La Cure railway line. With real-estate.ch you will find the ideal apartment in Saint-Cergue.
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